2013-04-29 Blog Post 600

Sikh Gurdvara Temple of North Carolina

I was honored to be a guest at the Sikh Temple of NC in Durham this afternoon.

I thanked the members for their service and contributions for the community and to North Carolina, and for their encouragement and support to seek a second term on the Council.

During my talk, I reminded the congregation, that we must never forget, that each of us play a part in shaping history and providing an even brighter future for our kids.   The Research Triangle was the by product of vision, of bringing all of us together to create a global hub of innovation, now home for many folks from around the world.

Imagine now, that we play cricket in Morrisville, that we innovate greate ideas, that we drive world class research  and that we are doing so many great things in the region,  and together, working with each other, we can continue to develop a bright future and build the best home possible for future generations of North Carolina citizens to come.

Thanks for the Gurdvara for inviting me and for all of the friends and support.

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