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Town of Morrisville Named 2021 All-America City Award Winner

My All American City Message Morrisville was recognized as one of 10 All-America City award winners during the National Civic League Conference on June 9. The prestigious national honor recognizes Morrisville’s work in inclusive civic engagement to build equity and resilience and create stronger connections among residents, businesses and nonprofit and government leaders. by


Town of Morrisville is a 2021 All American City Award Finalist!

The Town of Morrisville #Morrisville is a finalist for the 2021 All-America City Awards. This prestigious award is given to only 10 cities each year. The 2021 theme is “Building Equitable and Resilient Communities.” The Morrisville delegation (community members, partners, youth and staff) is hard at work preparing for our presentation during the National Civic […]


D Day: Remembering the Greatest Generation in a Superhero Nation

NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY CONCERT On June 6th 1944, the greatest generation stormed the beaches of Normandy to win World War II. 4,300 Allied personnel lost their lives serving their country in what would be the largest amphibious invasion ever launched. We do not need to go to Marvel Movies or read Marvel Comics to know […]


SMALL Business of the Week: Taste Vietnamese!

First, I am so very grateful to Congresswoman Deb Ross, for spending time in Morrisville every time she is back in the District. I enjoyed meeting her at our favorite restaurant, Taste Vietnamese in Morrisville Square! Please get out to Taste and support all of our small businesses in the Plaza, including Tower, C & […]


Steve is hard working, and he has valuable business experience with technology companies. Serving on the town council with these attributes, Steve is well-positioned to help Morrisville grow.

— Senator Josh Stein

Senator Josh Stein

I am delighted to support Steve Rao for Town Council in Morrisville. I have known Steve several years through his active participation at Morrisville Chamber events and a number of business activities. Steve has shown great leadership capabilities and will be fair in representing a very diverse group in Morrisville.
This is a very important election for Morrisville where the choice for Town Council will be significant in electing a Town Council that will move the Town forward with economic development and enhance the quality of life for all of its residents. I believe that Steve is a great candidate for Morrisville who can and will do the things needed for everyone that he re presents because of his business background.

— Ed White

Ed White