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Great Anti-Bullying Workshop Last Night

Last evening, I was honored to be one of the guests at the Mayors Against Bullyiing workshop, hosted by Mayor Dick Sears, who founded this organization. Numerous speakers, including Ken Prouix from Holly Springs Middle, Melissa Derosier, an expert on bullying and its effects on depression, Pastor Jamar Brown from Holly Springs United Church of […]


Thank you Sec. Anthony Foxx

Thanks to my friend, former Charlotte Mayor and Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx for visiting us in North Carolina last week at NC State, where he highlighted the administration’s efforts in transportation and infrastructure. It just seems like yesterday when I visited in Charlotte to get his advice on whether to run for Council. Thank […]


Congratulations to Sec Elaine Marshall

Congrats to my friend and political mentor Elaine Marshall. She swore me in for my first election and for my re-election! She is such a graceful, smart leader, a wonderful friend and mentor, and spectacular Secretary of State! She is the kind of leader America deserves to have working on a national scale. Here is […]


Breaking News: Google Fiber Coming to the Triangle

After months of anticipation, it is official. Google has announced its plans to bring Google Fiber to our area. Google Fiber promises to provide speeds up to 1,000 megabytes per second, or 100 times faster than today’s average broadband connection. This service is provided in just a few areas in the world, and today only […]


Congratulations Prime Minister Modi and President Obama

Congrats to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a successful visit from President Obama. Let us pray that US India relationships will grow even stronger in the future and that the Modi administration will accelerate infrastructure development and literacy throughout all of India! Travel safe to Saudi Mr. President and a safe return home! by


I have known Steve Rao for a number of years and can vouch that he is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever come across. In my role as former Attorney General and Secretary of State of North Carolina, I am asked on many occasions to endorse many officials and in almost every case I decline. In Steve’s case I make an exception because he will make one of the finest public servants for Morrisville.

— Rufus Edmisten

Rufus Edmisten

Steve is hard working, and he has valuable business experience with technology companies. Serving on the town council with these attributes, Steve is well-positioned to help Morrisville grow.

— Senator Josh Stein

Senator Josh Stein