Open Data Initiative – Smarter Cities

Smarter Cities are cities and towns, whom are analyzing data to make better informed decisions, to better invest tax dollars to provide the best customer service to their citizens.

Many Governments are providing data in open, useable formats for citizens, in an effort to fuel more innovation and also enable citizens to analyze data to create unique applications for municipal governments to solve problems, and to provide even greater transparency for our citizens and elected officials.

Cary, Raleigh, and Wake County are taking the lead in this area, and I am now leading efforts in Morrisville for an Open Data Initiative, which will provide identified data sets to the public in key areas, including permitting data , crime data, and other key information from public departments.

In addition, I also recommend the creation of an IT Advisory Task Force, which can bring together our vibrant IT Community in Morrisville to lead these efforts, also bringing best practices and ideas, on how to increase the efficiency of IT operations, including cloud computing, disaster recovery, and other critical areas.

Please view my presentation to the Morrisville Council on Open Data:

Open Data Discussion Update at Morrisville Council Meeting August 27: 

I presented to Council an update on the benefits of Open Data to the citizens, with the primary benefit, being that open data in machine readable format will enable citizens to create apps, which can bring myriad efficiencies to the Town and improve our lives.  Also, Open Data can fuel economic growth with a few projects getting off the ground, by venture funding, creating jobs, and opportunities.

With our focus on Morrisiville, I presented what a Morrisville Open Data Portal would look, like, presented Open Data Sets with Campo Data and also presented an example of the CIty of Chicago Open Data sets for transportation.    I cannot think of a better way for us to lead with a Transportation Task Force using Open Data. If we can have an Open Data pilot, citizens can use this type of data to provide feedback and arrive at solutions for the various transportation challenges we face.

Staff has been directed to deliver a briefing to Council and an Administrative Report. I am strongly in favor of the Town drafting an Open Data Resolution, funding a pilot, and joining the growing list of cities launching Open Data initiatives.

Thanks to Raleigh Open Data Manager and Morrisville citizen, Jason Hare for his assistance with the data and I look forward to his continued participation in this area. Additional info: