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Sept. 17 Office Hours

Last week, very productive office hours were held with members of the community.

I met with Morrisville resident Samudra Vijay, founder of Sam IT Solutions, a local information technology firm,  who provided me ideas of how the Town should be looking at more hosted, cloud services for email, and also how to reduce investments in IT infrastructure.   He and I both agreed that we may want to have an IT Advisory Committee, that would provide suggestions to our CIO and staff on IT policy, and also get more of our IT Community engaged in the Town.

Samudra will be sending a list of recommendations and I will be setting up a meeting between him and the staff.

English as a Second Language Class 

Thanks to Lembe Tailo, whose idea of an ESL class has come true.    I did attend the class and met everyone and thanked them for a wonderful class and opportunity to offer this class and to Lembe and the staff for taking an idea and making it happen.

Immigration request 

Constituent in Morrisville is seeking a visa for his daughter, to come to US as he is dying of lung cancer.   I spoke to David Price’s office and have submitted all the paperwork.

Cedar Fork Rental fees 

A local relighous, non profit met with me, asking if we could consider lowering the community rental fees on Sundays as they are offering classes for children, and their rent is costing more than anticipated.   I am going to take this to staff and will then see if there are any options.

Triangle Cricket League 

I met briefly with TCL Board members to update them on the maintenance and seeding of Shiloh fields.   It looks as if everything is proceeding as planned, and thanks to Blake Mills and staff for moving forward with this project.     I am hoping we get this resolved soon and I am looking forward to continued growth of the Leagues.

Another good day of Office hours.





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