Reception honoring US Senator Kay Hagan

Last night, I attended a reception for Senator Kay Hagan at the home of Bruce and Heather Thompson, also representing Alphanumeric as a North Carolina company, looking to work more with the federal government.

I caught up briefly with the Senator on some technology policy issues, and she was updating all of us in attendance of her worries about the direction North Carolina is taking with our Legislature and current state of affairs.

On a positive note, she did day that Immigration reform will happen next year, and this will be a great thing for the Triangle region, as I see every day, green card holders, many from India and China, who are paying taxes, contributing to the technology and innovation in the country, but cannot become US Citizens.    Lets keep global talent here and grow jobs!

Thanks to Bruce and Heather for hosting this event and to Senator Kay Hagan for working so hard!

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