Steve Rao

August 29 Office Hours

My last Fall Office Hours were productive but not as busy as usual.    Starting next week, Office Hours will move to Fridays at noon. Chia Chi:  Chia Chi runs the IBM Global entreprenenurship Program and is very interested in working with me to offer a more structured mentoring program for the Hottovation program.   […]


August 28 Triangle J Council of Governments Meeting

On August 28 I attended, along with Morrisville Councilwoman Broadwell, the Board of Delegates Meeting for the Triangle J Council of Governments–one of the 17 regional North Carolina Councils of Governments (Region J) established by the North Carolina General Assembly for the purpose of regional planning and administration.  Delegates are encouraged to share this report with their elected colleagues. Recognition […]

Steve Rao

August 2 Office Hours

Rep Murry:   I met Rep. Murry to review some of the legislative bills, and conveyed to him that I was not happy with the guns in restaurants and bars, or increasing restrictions on abortions.   A number of bills did take away or restrict municipal revenue and authority  (protest petitions, aesthetic design control) although Tom did his […]

Steve Rao

Morrisville Rotary Meeting with State Superintendent June Atkinson

Yesterday, we were honored to have as our Speaker, NC State Superintendent, June Atkinson as our speaker, who provided an update on the state of North Carolina Public schools, and the challenges our school system faces, given the drastic cuts in teacher support, staff positions, and even digital textbooks and other resources. On a positive […]


Guest Speaker on Geet Baazaar and 88.1 FM

I started my day on 88.1 FM, as a guest on Geet Bazaar radio show. On this program, I highlighted the The Young Entrepreneurs or TYE program, which is a global entrepreneur competition, hosted and sponsored by the TIE Carolinans and TIE Global organization. TIE Global is the premier entrepreneurial and mentoring organization in the […]

Alvin Kallacharin Picture

Youth Cricket Tournament

I dropped by the Youth Cricket Tournament, yesterday, and spent some time with the kids, watching a few matches, and also caught up with Alvin Kallacharin, who is soon to become a Morrisville resident. The parents of the visiting teams were very excited to come to the Triangle and all confirmed with me how nice […]

State of Morrisville address

State of Morrisville Address and Wake County Address

State of Morrisville  Yesterday, morning, I attended the State of Morrisville address and also heard from Wake County Commission Chairman, Joe Bryan, on the exciting progress we are making in Wake County.    Also in attendance were Mark Stohlman, Liz Johnson, and candidiates TJ Cawley, Vicki Scroggins Johnson, and my opponent and friend, Pete Martin. […]

Janet Cowell pictures

Celebrating Treasurer Cowell’s Birthday

Yesterday, evening, I had the honor of celebrating Treasurer Cowell’s birthday at Sitti in Raleigh.    Former Mayor Charles Meeker and a number of other elected officials were in attendance.    Great to see his wife, Dr. Anne Mcclaurin! I congratulate her on being an excellent Treasurer and am very interested in the continued success […]

Steve Rao discussing issues with Morrisville Citizen.

July 9 Council Briefing Session

I enjoyed a very productive Council meeting last evening. Congratulations to Chief Todd Wright, who has received Chief Fire Operator Status, a job well done, and we are proud of him and his entire Department. Interesting discussion on the Public Comment policy, which I favor having each individual, speaking for three minutes, even if there […]

Nepali picture

Meeting with Sushil Koirala, Nepalese Prime Minister Candidiate

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting Sushil Koirala, the Nepalese Prime Minister Candidiate, with the Nepalese community leaders, at the home of Arun Dhittal, in Breckenridge. This is a very informative meeting, where I learned about the instability of the Democracy in Nepal, and how the Maoist party, has prevented the formation of a […]