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President Obama’s remarks at NC State

 I greatly enjoyed the President’s remarks on the economy during his visit to Raleigh yesterday. We were especially excited to hear from him that the Triangle will be an innovation hub for the next generation manufacturing. The President reminded us of the critical role universities play in research and development, which eventually benefits the private sector.
I fully support the idea of public-private partnership to encourage manufacturing innovation. During my three years as Morrisville Town Councilman, my team on the Council and I have been dedicated to recruiting entrepreneurs and transforming Morrisville into a hub of innovation. We are gifted with some of the best universities and corporations located in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Harnessing this wealth of talent will spur opportunities and growth not only in North Carolina but rest of the nation. You can count on me to work with Mayor Stohlman and the Council tirelessly to achieve this goal.
Pictured here at the event with Tony Almada, Senior Economic Advisor to the Governor and Secretary Sharon Decker, both whom I am working with on economic development and I hope we can work on the India trip together.
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