Cricket Picture

Alvin Kallacharin Youth Cricket Championships in Morrisville

I had the honor this am of kicking off the 13 and under Youth Cricket Champtionships, sponsored by the Triangle Cricket League and the United Cricket Association and honors one of the all time great World Cup Cricket Champions, Alvin Kallacharin, now a Morrisville resident. We have three states represented from North Carolina, New Jersey, […]


RTP Archie Pathways to Opportunities

I also attended the RTP Archie event, at RTP Headquarters as Bob Geolas, CEO of RTP Foundation, laid out to elected officials and policy makers, the initial plans for development in the RTP, now that the Master plan has been adopted. Please check out the blog on this event at Archie Davis, was the […]

State of Morrisville address

State of Morrisville Address and Wake County Address

State of Morrisville  Yesterday, morning, I attended the State of Morrisville address and also heard from Wake County Commission Chairman, Joe Bryan, on the exciting progress we are making in Wake County.    Also in attendance were Mark Stohlman, Liz Johnson, and candidiates TJ Cawley, Vicki Scroggins Johnson, and my opponent and friend, Pete Martin. […]

Cricket Pictures

Triangle Cricket League Super Champtionship

I ended a long day at Shiloh Cricket Fields, to watch the end of the Triangle Cricket League, super championship, wacthing the two conference champtionship teams battle it out for the title. It was humid, and many folks were in attendance for the game. At the end of the game, I spoke to the Cricket […]

Partners Pic

Raleigh Chamber Partners Dinner

Last evening, I attended the Raleigh Chamber Partners Dinner, an event to celebrate the vision for Wake County and to celebrate the achievments of the Wake County School Board, the Wake County Commissioners, and the City of Raleigh. Thanks to all the sponsors and also many companies were in attendance as well. The networking reception […]

Janet Cowell pictures

Celebrating Treasurer Cowell’s Birthday

Yesterday, evening, I had the honor of celebrating Treasurer Cowell’s birthday at Sitti in Raleigh.    Former Mayor Charles Meeker and a number of other elected officials were in attendance.    Great to see his wife, Dr. Anne Mcclaurin! I congratulate her on being an excellent Treasurer and am very interested in the continued success […]

Dancing in the Park

Dancing in the Park

Yesterday, evening, I attended the Dancing in the Park, event, hosted by the South East Raleigh Assembly. This program offers Aerobic Dancing classes, to citizens for free, to offer exercise to residents of South East Raleigh.  I Danced in the Park, when I ran for Wake County Commissioner in 2010! SERA also provides youth entreprenuership […]

Transportation pictures

Regional Transportation TCC Lunch

I attended the Regional Transportation lunch, hosted by the Triangle Community Coalition. Joe Milazzo, Executive Director, of Regional Transit Authority, addressed the delegation of Wake County Elected officials and citizens.     I will be putting his presentaton on the site in a few days, when it is released. Legislative Priorities: Joe laid out the […]

Asian Focus Picture

Asian Focus Summer Picnic

I attended the Asian Focus Summer Picnic yesterday afternoon. Asian Focus is a Community Organization, comprised of Asian Americans across the state and region. They are a wonderful organization, whose primary mission is to bring the Asian community together, to address issues, which affect them, along with also identifying economic opportunities to esablish partnerships with […]