Steve Rao

Wake up Meeting on Repeal of Jordan Rules

Thanks to Karen Rindge and Wake Up for organizing this event on Thursday evening and for Mayor Pro Tem Johnson for speaking on behalf of the Town of Morrisville on how the repeal of the Jordan rules would negatively impace our drinking water, and also hurt our economic development in the area.

Also, in attendance were Rep. Tom Murry, and Senator Barringer, who both spoke against the repeal of the rules, and are open to a compromise or not to accept the legislation as is.  Mayor Dick Sears, Holly Springs also spoke against the rules and reminded each of us on how this is a regional issue and how we need to think as a region when we deal with these type of policy decisions.

I also thank Councilmembers Stohlman, Schlink for attending and also for Tony Chiotakis, Rich Coppola, Stormwater Engineer, and Tim Guass, Director of Development Services, for attending and for all of their work on this issue.

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