Triangle J Meeting

Last evening was a very productive Triangle J meeting. 

Early in the meeting, we discussed how the local governments can work together to do some work or help the Oklahoma victims.  

We enjoyed a wonderful presentation on Electric Cars from the NC School of Science and Math students.   These kids are just so bright.   Great presentation.

In addiition, we passed the budget and had some very engaging discussion from the Commission on Aging, on how music can help reduce the symptoms of dementia or at least bring back memories for those suffering from Alzheimers and Parkinsons.   THis was very emotional for me, since my Grandmother had Parkinsons along with one of my dad’s close friends.   No human being should suffer like this.  

Finally, the best part of these meetings is when every local government represented, presents what is going on in their governments or communities.   Margaret and I proudly spoke on Morrisville developments, and I updated the Board on the growth of the entrepreneurship programs, my Open Data and Smarter Cities discussion, and the recent visit from the Commerce team from India, whom I hosted in Morrisville. 

A great meeting and very productive!

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