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Triangle Entrepreneurship Week and Innovate Raleigh

Last Wednesday, I attended the Innovate Raleigh Summitt, at the Raleigh Convention Center, and thank Jon Leonardo and his team for organizing a series of events, all throughout the Triangle focused on Entrepreneurship.

Here is my summary of what the panelists and particpants came up with  ideas, I would like to take back to Morrisville, and Western Wake County, to establish our own Regional entrepreneurship initiative:

Creating a Start up Culture- Jason Hibbets Top 10

10)  Build a network of high net worth individuals.  

9) More events on Emerging technologies 

 8) Focus on future of innovation and opportunities, not focus on past 

 7) Talent recruitment 

 6) Cross pollinate between universities, companies, and entrepreneurs

 5) Integrate entrepeneurs to universities 

 4) More local news and encourage more local news coverage on entrepreneurship 

 3) Talent Planning 

 2) Roadmap to resources 

 1) Focus on creating more start ups in the region to grow jobs 

Other ideas included encouraging each of us to learn from failure, to have more coordinated efforts to integrate entrepreneurship into the K-12 curriculum.    Problem solving, creativity, should be encouraged and I am excited that we are already focusing on youth entrepreneurship camps in Morrisville.

Finally, the region can work on doing what we can to make the area more attractive for entrepenerus, through more greenspaces, invest in transit, and perhaps, have some type of attraction for entreprenneurs.

My thoughts would be to have the RTP Foudnation and RTP Archie involved in these discussions as Bob Geolas has discussed the idea of having a Triangle Innovation Center, a place where innovators, and investors could meet and collaborate and we can showcase emerging technologies.

Thanks again to everyone who made this week possible and I remind each of us that we need to think regionally in this area and stimulate entrepreneurship through Wake County and the Triangle.



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