Triangle Business Journal Life Sciences Awards

On Thursday, I attended for Alphanumeric, the Triangle Business Journal Life Sciences Awards, and was so excited to see Clinipace, Aerial Bioventures, two Morrisville based companies, win awards in their respective categories.

This event was another reminder of the role this sector plays in growing our economy, and creating jobs in the Triangle Region.

Marie Curie once said, “Pure science should not be measured only by its direct usefulness but should be done for itself and that its true beauty lies in its benefit to all of humanity”.

Many of the winners of these awards are advancing research in drug developments, which will have a sigificant impact on improving and saving lives, and this is really inspiring to know that we are seeing this type of work in the Triangle, some starting from university research.

Company Winners were as follows: 

Aerial Bio Pharma

Biogen Idec


Furieux Pharmaceuticals

Salix Pharmaceuticals


Integrated Laboratory Systems

Liquidia Techologies

Congrats to the individual and company winners and keep up the growth of your sector, grow in Morrisville if you can.

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