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Sept. 6 Council Office Hours

This week,  we returned to Friday Office Hours and it was an interesting week.

Allan Cassavant:   Met with Allan briefly to discuss the Senior Community Project, and he is still looking at options for land purchase.   There has been some hold up but he would like to move forward with this project.

Immigration request:   I received another request from a local constituent, who may need help  expeditng a visa for his daughter, living in India, since he is dying of lung cance and needs his daughter to visit him and take care of him.    I am working with Congressman Price;s office on this request but it may be difficult.

Hottovation graduation:   I met with Carlotta and some of the Innovation Foundation Board members to plan the Hotties graduation, which will be held on Sept. 25th, at 11:30 am.   I am working to get some Venture Investors as speakers.

Kit Creek residents:   I met with a few Kit Creek residents, concerned about the transportation issue in Morrisville and I updated them on the Blue Ribbon  transportation task force for the Town.    I will be be keeping them in the loop on this transporation task force and encouraged them to be involved with this initiative.

Triangle Cricket League:   Met with the TCL to get an update on the League, upcoming tournaments and am working with Blake Mills to get an update on the Shiloh Field reseeding and maintenance on the one section which has been unplayable.   I should have an update in the next week or so.

Open Data:   Met three IT entrepreneurs, interested in moving the Open Data initiative forward, and I am looking forward to a Staff briefing on this in two weeks.   I still think we should stand up a Portal with some Open Data sets.

Very nice Office Hours and looking forward to next week.



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