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Sept. 10 Town Council Meeting

On Tuesday, we had a very productive Council meeting with much activity and interesting discussion.

Western Wake Farmers Market 

The evening began with a presentation from Jim Pellegrini, President of the Western Wake Farmers Market.    Key benefits of a Farmers Market included the economic benefits, the growth of entrepreneurs in the food industry, and to have a unique destination in the heart of town, closer to the citizens of Morrisivlle

Council, agreed to get more information from staff, on the possibility of the Western Wake Farmers Market, locating in Morrisville.     I still need better clarification on what type of public private partnership is being proposed, along with how much land and investment the Farmers Market is looking for.

Economic Development Services Contract

Council approved the Economic Development Services contract for the Morrisville Chamber, with the performance measures,  in place, to make sure that we are benchmarking and tracking progress.    The Chamber will now receive $42,000 per year, and I agree that this is an important investment we must make if we are to remain competitive in economic development.

Pugh House

Council approved the Pugh House designation as a historic landmark, and we, as always, were pleased to hear from the Wake County Historic Preservation Society.    I look forward to the Town receiving the Anthemion Award on Monday.

Hotel Motel Tax Opportunity

Council was briefed by staff that there is now an alternate location being looked at for the Hotel Motel Tax Opporunity , with the potential being for a $3 million grant opportunity from hotel tax revenue.     If the alternate site is approved and selected, we would not have to worry about the Transit Oriented Development Plan being affected or compromised in any way.

Council approved staff moving forward with the Private Athletic Facility, being approved.

Legislative Updates 

Staff provided Council a wrap up from the 2013 Legislative Session.

Legislative Item Summary

We received a very extensive report on the 2013 Legislative session, and I will be adding new section to the site, citing the key bills affecting Morrisville.

Great meeting and only five more meetings until the end of the year.


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