Rao family

Season’s Greetings

As Komal, Sonia, Rayan and I gather together to celebrate this Holiday Season, we hope for a few things. We hope you are also with your family and loved ones. We hope you have had a rewarding year personally and in your career. We hope to learn from and put to rest the challenges of 2014 and to realize our dreams for 2015. Sonia and Rayan, at least, are hoping for snow. Komal and I are hoping the children are happy with the gifts Santa got them this year.

And personally, as a public servant, I hope that our leaders learn from the spirit of the Holiday Season they encounter in their homes. This spirit of fellowship and collaboration does not need to be limited to a few weeks in November and December but can inform the work we do in Council chambers, the General Assembly, and in our state agencies for the whole year to come. That willingness to work together is the greatest gift we could give our constituents.

Please travel safely during this time and have a Happy Holiday & New Year.

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