Steve Rao

Remarkable Journey Documentary

Today, I attended a wonderful Rotary meeting, where Dr. Steve Channing, producer of the Public Broadcasting documentary, Remarkable Journey, spoke on the documentary and its featuring of the Indian community of North Carolina.  

He has a trailer that he is showing and would like to interview more Morrisville citizens and sees a great opportunity for the show to market the diversity of our region.  

Dr. Channing had me speak on how I have helped with some of the phases of the project, setting up interviews with community leaders, and also being a part of an interview with my father, which was such a great experience. 

Finally, my heart and sincere gratitude goes out to our First Responders and Police in Morrisville, and I am honored to have such great work always being done in our community.    Sorry I mised the lunch on Monday but I had a confict!

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