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Meeting with Office of the Vice President

Yesterday, Steve Riccetti, Senior Advisor to Vice President Biden hosted a visit for my family at the Vice President Office in the Old Executive Office Building. I met him and got to know him last year, when I attended a fundraiser in Charlotte at Erskine Bowles’ house where the Vice President was the main highlight of the event.

On my way to the Security clearance, I ran into Senator Joe Manchin, an old friend from my home state, whom I had not seen in seven years, when he was the Governor. He was surprised to see me and I hope to catch up with him later today.

Steve and I caught up on the need for comprehensive immigration reform so we can have the US encourage the brightest, global talent to grow jobs and bridge the skill gap in the nation. I conveyed to him the changes taking place in North Carolina, with the new Republican majority changing the face and fate of North Carolina through cuts to K-12, higher education, repeals of environmental regulations and implementing Voter ID laws. He and the Vice President are very concerned on North Carolina shifting so far to the right, and moving away from the type of investments which made our state a leader in education, research, and job creation.

Most importantly, I told him that we need more bold and aggressive investments in transit and it would have been nice if the government could have invested more of the stimulus dollars to promote more aggressive implementation of high speed rail, light rail, etc, which could help stimulate the economy in North Carolina even more and enhance our quality of life by reducing our gas bills.

It was great to see Steve again and I look forward to having him visit us in North Carolina. What a great guy.

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