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Meeting Nepalese Prime Minister Candidate Sushil Koirala

Tomorrow, I am meeting the leading candidate for Prime Minister of Nepal. Sushil Koirala.    He is the President of the Congress Party, and is visiting the Nepalese community of the Triangle.

On Saturday, I will be attending a reception with the community at NC State, where he can address the community, and I hope to learn more about the community.

The significance of this meeting is once again , how our international community, is connecting us to other leaders in the world, and since the Ambassador was hosted here, in Morrisville for a reception,  he wanted to pay us a visit, learn more about this region of the United States, and if he is elected, perhaps, we can develop economic and strategic relationships with a nation in Asia.

NC Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker, for example, has indicated that the Administration looks at restructuring Commerce, they are looking at how they can help grow exports and grow new markets in other nations to help our small businesses.   I really want to learn more about what emerging markets there would be in Nepal for US companies, whether it is in renewable energy, infrastructure, services.

Of course, India  also serve as an exploding consumer markets with a middle class, now having reached over 400 million.

More revenue, means companies can hire more, and we grow jobs, and drive economic growth.

Great way to spend the day after the 4th!

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