Steve Rao discussing issues with Morrisville Citizen.

June 21 Office Hours

I did my office hours by phone this week while on vacation.

Immigration issue:   I have been able to secure a meeting with the Indian Embassy to help a constituent, receive a duplicate Indian Passport, which he has lost.   The embassy has been unwilling to recognize his Indian documentation so he is unable to travel back to India and would be inelegible for green card status, once the immigration reform bill passes.    We are looking to have this matter resolved now that we have engaged Deputy Minister at the Embassy.

Allan Cassavant:   This developer is making progress on the Senior Retirement community and is under contract to purchase land in Morrisville, and also has interested in mixed use development in the Town Center.    I am very excited about the potential here as this could me a nice investment for the Town and can initiiate our Town Center Development.

English as a Second Language:   I have been working with Lembe to initiate an English as a Second Language course, which on Wednesday, she kicked off, and we have volunteers, and teachers lined up.  This Course will be held at the Cedar Fork Community Center and she is very excited that she and I were able to work together with staff to pull this together.

Overall, a prouductive Office Hour Call and I am looking forward to getting back to work this week.


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