Steve Rao

July 25 Office Hours

This week, was a quiet week, after a number of Council meetings.

Today, I met with the Hotties companies, Efflux Pharma and Concert Telecom.

Efflux, now named Dignify Therapeutics, is progressing very well, as they are going to promote their fundraising at this point, along the complettion of a successful patent search.    Karl Thor and Ed Burgard, will now move to new offices, and did suggest to me that we may want to establish a follow up program where the graduates of the program, could stay in Morrisville and grow their companies.

Concert Telecom, led by Paige Sullivan, is closing on an round of angel funding, and I will be keeping up with them, assisting with their Business Development strategy or at least keeping up with the continued success and growth as a company.

I will  be meeting with a few more companies, next week, but thank the companies for their participation and do hope that we can continue to grow this program into a world class innovation program.

I also met with Abhi Muthuyan, TIE Carolinas President, regarding how Morrisville can be more involved in The Young Entrepreneurs Program, or TYE.   This global competition, sponsored by TIE and Cisco is taking applications from high school students, who would be selected for this program, where they are each responsible for drafting a business plan, interacting with mentors, investors, and at the end of the day, will be competing for prizes against youth entrepreneurs around the globe.

Abhi and I will be working together to get more high school students involved in this program, particualrily our Morrisville high schools.    I will be going to Panther Creek to discuss this program as well.

Two more requests for green card status at the Embassy, so I had to make some introductions to the Embassy in DC.

Finally, I met briefly with two parties, interested in purchasing land in Town Hall area, and also the other companies, whom I met a few weeks, ago, who are continuing their efforts to develop a Retirement community, along with developing in the Town Center.

As always, a great day in the office, and I hope for another productive week, next week.

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