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As always, I enjoyed, once again, receiving updates on the Morrisville Hotties programs, as we are approaching the end of this program.

Graduation is schehduled for the second week of September, during Triangle Entrepreneurship Week and all companies are to be out of the “Perculator”, by July 31 as this is our new word for our Incubation efforts.

Overall, we have seen our businesses blossom and look forward to now seeing them succeed and propel forward.

Efflux Pharma is making progress. Their main focus is Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical development to prevent incontinence among the elderly. They are on plan and intend to start raising money by the fall as their Patent Search went well.

ChAPPter 1 has now secured a site for their Youth Camps for developing Apps, has found an Instructor, and is excited to begin camps in September. Thanks to Matt Leaver and Staff for working with me to make this happen for this company.

JWeb Technology is making progress with their venture, has beta sites, and is bringing on new customers.

Finder 411 continues to seek new partnerships, has a dedicated Sales person, and is working with Jason Faber on a marketing and branding strategy.

Concert Telecom is closing on a round of ANgel Funding, being led by mentor Steve Stone. Paige has brought on a new Sales Executive and she has completed the CED Fast Trac program.

Finally, we are looking for new office space for the Hotties as they will be out of Perimeter Park by July 31.

Chamber may be building out more offices for the next phase of Hotties Program. Great office visits today and I really love this part of the job!

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