Historic Christian Church Plaque Dedication

I attended the Historic Christian Church Plaque Dedication, along with Mayor Holcombe, Mayor Pro Tem Johnson, and Counci lmembers Diehl and Broadwell, along with Tony Chiotakis, Tim Gauss, Shannon Campbell, and Jerry Allen.

We are proud to have this landmark dedicated as a Historic Landmark and grateful to previous Councils, who had the vision to create a Town Center plan and have historical sites like this church be a part of the Town Center.

I was very excited to see members of  the Cotton Family, former Councilmember, Benny Rideout, and others Morrisville citizens, with ties to the church, some of whom have lived in Morrisville for over seven decades.

Pictured here with Ernest Dollar, a historian, who provided an historical overview of the church.    I had to leave early to take Sonia to her dance recital but it am glad to have been a part of this.

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