Steve Rao

English as a Second Language Classes Come to Morrisville

A few months ago, during my office hours, I met with Lembe Tayilo,who had the brilliant idea of the Town of Morrisville offering English as a Second language, given our very diverse population.    Lembe and I were both in Morrisville 101 together, last year.

She and I worked  together, met with staff, and I am so excited to know that we will be offering these classes in the fall at the Cedar Fork Community Center.   All of the information on the class is in the latest Parks and Recreation Brochure.

On Wednesday, there was a volunteer meeting, as we are working to recruit volunteers to teach, and this course will be offered as a free class for anyone interested.

Lembe and Jason, thanks for your hard work on this, and I am very glad we have this class now in Morrisville.

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