District Days Legislative meetings with NC League of Municipalities

Today, I attended the District Days Legislative meetings with Cary Council member Jennifer Robinson, Zebulon Mayor, Bob Matheney, and other elected officials.   Steve Zaytoun from Cary Chamber  was also in attendance.

We met with a number of leaders in the Senate, including Senator Barringer, Senator Meredith, Senator Tillman and Rep. Hall.   I had to leave before we met Tom Murry.

Senator Tamara Barringer was very supportive on our concerns, on Senator Bill 515, and is challenging the repeal of the Jordan Lake rules.   In addition, she is also concerned on Rep. Avila’s opposition to legislation allowing municipalites to publish notice of public meetings electronically and is in full Support of Senate Bill 594, which would allow Morrisville and Cary to publish notices electronically.

Other issues addressed with House and Senate Leaders included extending the Hold Harmless Payments,  the need for more adequate transportation funding for Wake County municipalities, Aesthetic Design Controls and basically a reminder to these members, that Towns and Cities, need to have more local control and that our funding and authority to generate revenue is being taken from us.

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