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Council Office Hours for June 7th week

My Council office hours were combined with meeting with the Hotties companies on Wednesday and then some more constituents on Thursday.

Retirement community:   I had an  interesting meeting with Allan Michaels from CV Builders, who is interested in developing a Retirement community in Morrisville.   Ketan Shah, a local business leader and other Indian American seniors are very interested in a community and the developer would be looking at a center with a multicultural, global theme.    Next step is that he has met with Planning, identified land he may want to purchase but my thoughts are that we take a look at the Town Center as a place for this type of project.

JWeb Technology:  Jason Barker reported that he is bringing on more customers and is looking forward to growing the business and then meeting investors when he graduates.

Excel Heritage:   This company is offering camp program, for kids to learn how to develop mobile apps.   Jennifer and Samra were delighted that they will be offering the camps at the Historic Christian Church in Morrisville, and I am excited for the Town and for their venture.

Efflux Pharma:   Ed and Karl Thor are on track with their pharma venture, and completed the CED Fast Trac program and have seen the Hotties as a very productive program for them.   They plan to begin fundraising in August, after they receive the results of their patent search and will be looking for office space.   I am excited on the pharma and Contract Research opportunities for Efflux.

Concert Telecom:  Paige Sullivan continues to make progress with her Software as a Service offering in Telecom.   She completed Fast Trac at CED and will do what she can to raise money, starting in July.

Finder 411:  Steve Doyle and his team are making progress and they are ramping up their web site and getting very positive feedback.

Overall, the feedback we are getting on the Hotties program is very positive but there is concern on how we continue the program, put more resources in, and also that we need to provide more mentoring, which each company says is very helpful as they grow their businesses.


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