Steve Rao

Bayer 150 Anniversary Tour

I attended the Bayer Tour on Monday am and was just impressed with the tour of the Bayer Crop Science R and D facility.     I was excited to know that Bayer Crop Science has an Innovation Center in Morrisville, where plants and seeds are taken, before going to the greenhouse.

The tour took us to the state of the art greenhouse, and labs, where Bayer Crop Science leads efforts in agriscience, focusing on how to provide the best of breed technologies for healthy seed growth, and promote advances in organic farming, the development of leading pesticides, and crop production.    Also, very interesting, were the advances in bee health, as honey bees are critical to crop production and BCS is making great strides in this area,.

Finally, the most impressive part of the tour for me, were the Exhibits, which presented all of the innovations and advances which have occured over 150 years.   These advances include the development of aspirin, advances in cancer treatments, cardiovacular disease, renewabale energy technologies, organic farming, and basically the continued work from Bayer to drive innovation and scientific research, which affects the global health, environmental, and agricultural sectors around the world.

Thanks to the Bayer Crop Science team for this tour, and congratulations for their continued growth in the Triangle Region.

At the end of the Tour, Jim Bloome, CEO of North American Region, shared with me how they are leading efforts to drive more innovation in the local economy, by encouraging more research and also commercializing technologies out of the university system, which needs to increase in North Carolina.

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