Steve Rao for Morrisville


November 5 is ELECTION DAY–the last day to vote for the Morrisville Town Council and Mayor. If you have voted already THANK YOU! If you haven’t yet voted please mark your calendar. Find out your voter precinct location at:

Since being elected to the Morrisville Town Council in 2011, it has been an honor to serve you and our community!

I have been working hard on your behalf and in concert with other Town Council members to:


  • Increase investment in our parks
  • Accelerate improvements to our state roads
  • Advance innovative solutions for municipal operations
  • Make local government more open and accessible to the public
  • Lead entrepreneurial initiatives for job creation
  • Strengthen Morrisville’s connections to other parts of our region, state and to the world

You can see for yourself my platform and how I have addressed the most important issues of concern to Morrisville residents at: Morrisville Town Elections and on YouTube

YouTube Council Debate For EMAIL

(Steve’s portion in this segment starts at 11min. 44 sec. into the YouTube video)

I look forward to serving Morrisville for four more years so I can continue to push forward these and other initiatives in order to make Morrisville the best place to work, live and play!

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