RTP Archie Pathways to Opportunities

I also attended the RTP Archie event, at RTP Headquarters as Bob Geolas, CEO of RTP Foundation, laid out to elected officials and policy makers, the initial plans for development in the RTP, now that the Master plan has been adopted.

Please check out the blog on this event at rtpfoundation.org.

Archie Davis, was the founder of the Reseach Triangle Park, a visionary, who dreamed of an RTP, whose mission was to provide world class education, jobs, and lift up all folks in North Carolina. He is a reminder of what we can achieve if we all work together, guided by our vision, on what makes us the best place in the world, to work, to dream, and to bring innovation and education to our citizens.   That is what the Pathways to Opportunities event is about!

RTP Archie is a new pathway to opportunity, an initiative, where we can work together to develop our own identity for the Park and to continue to provide a destination for all citizens of North Carolina to dream, to innovate, to be inspired.

The key focus for now is to develop residential, and retail/mixed use, on the Wake County side of the Park and to provide a better identity for the Research Triangle Park, moving forward.     Transit will be essential for the long term success and our ability to recruit companies here.    Some highlights of the event:

1) Global research:  The research will need to continue at the universities but the RTP should be a place where this collaboration occurs with the private sector, and where great ideas are born.

2) Innovators/entrepreneurs:  The Research Triangle will also need a place, where we can bring entrpeneurs and innovators together.   Much discussion also took place on whether we could provide a space for Venture Capital investors to meet entrepreneurs, and also if mentoring could occur at the Park.    I made a point that efforts also need to be made to market the Park globally, to recruit other entrpreneurs from other regions of the world to come here and start companies, and take their ideas to market.

If we were to have one place at the Park, my wish would be a Triangle Innovation Center, where we can showcase products, and bring entrepreneurs together to provide them the resources and mentoring, plus capital to grow, but also to take their ideas (open data, cloud, apps, etc.), to solve problems for the government.

The Town of Morrisville looks forward to making our own contributions, with roads, excellent residential planning, and services to support and nurture real economic development.

Great event, great discussion, and thanks to Bob Geolas for leading us forward.

Pictured here with mu good friend,  Bob Geolas, after the event.


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