Steve Rao

Letter to the Voters

Dear fellow citizen,

It has been an honor to serve you these past two years on the Morrisville Town Council.

Yesterday I was excited to file for re-election on with my father, Dr. PM Rao.

Check out and share with your friends and neighbors this new video, Moving Morrisville Forward,  It celebrates our achievements during the past two years, and makes the case for my re-election at

I will continue to work on  a number of key initiatives; increasing investment in infrastructure and parks, advancing open data, and cloud computing initiatives and strengthening Morrisville’s connections to other parts of the world.  All critical to making us a destination for high paying jobs.

Please check out for my blog and updates on my work on the Council, or follow me on Twitter @Rao4Morrisville and Facebook on our website.

As you know, it takes resources to run any campaign even for a small town, so any contributions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your support and I look forward to getting the job done and moving Morrisville forward.

Regards, Councilman Steve S. Rao Town of Morrisville

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