Google Fiber Coming to the Triangle!

Earlier today, Google announced that they are considering the Triangle for additional deployments of their fiber optic internet and video service.

It is imperative that the town take a proactive step and immediately begin a dialog with Google fiber representatives as well as other communities in the area.   I plan to do whatever it takes to reach out to Google Execs and make this happen for Morrisville and Western Wake County.   Competition will be fierce so lets make this happen!

Broadband connectivity is essential for the daily lives of nearly everyone and is key in attracting quality people and businesses to the area.

In the few markets that Google Fiber has announced or begun building, the incumbent providers have suddenly offered lower cost, higher speed service , in spite of years of little to no expansion prior to that. So, not only would Google Fiber allow a third competitor, it has been shown to provide benefits to the residents by competition induced upgrades well in advance of their actual entry into the market.

This seems like a real chance to move things forward in the area and keep us in a leadership position in the tech field, as we are a global hub of tech innovation in the Heart of the Triangle, and will enable our Town and region to recruit fast growth companies, and to enhance the quality of life for our citizens.


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