Town Center Plan

Town Center Plan

 A vibrant downtown Center will provide us the unique identity, which we are now lacking in Morrisville.

A Main Street, with local shops, a historic district, where we can showcase our Civil War History, and a Cultural Arts Center or Amphitheater,  will not only enhance the quality of life for our citizens but also bring in additional visitors and revenue to our Town.

I support Public Private partnerships, similar to Mathews, NC to implement this plan, as long as we make sure that we do not over grow traditional retail establishments, which may already exist in our Town.

The Council has provided staff, the direction to continue with options to purchase the land for Developers, who may be interested in partnering with the Town.    Recently, I have had a North Carolina developers approach me about a possible project in the Town Center, a Senior Retirement community along with a private tennis training academy with indoor courts and boarding/schooling.

I am concerned, however, that any Town Center Plan, must also take into account the market opportunity and if we can encourage developers to step forward and develop this plan with us.

I do not want the Town to invest our money without a better idea of the economic impact and revenue, which can come from this type of investment.    Park West, for example, is aready evolving into a Central gathering place for the Town so Council and staff, needs to consider what we can have in the Town Center, which can be unique, but at the same time, not compete with already existing retail.