Cedar Fork Elementary School

School Bond Referendum Vote Oct. 8

Vote Oct. 8 to support the Wake County School Bond Referendum.

Wake County is still one of the fastest growing areas of the nation. Our students deserve an education in state-of-the-art facilities. We need to prepare for that growth by funding quality-driven schools.

During the winter and spring of 2013, joint meetings were held between both the Board of Commissioners and Board of Education to discuss the need, size, and scope of the next building program for the Wake County Public School System–North Carolina’s largest, and the 16th largest nationwide. These discussions led to funding estimates to meet projected growth of 8,158 elementary students by 2017 and 11,740 middle and high school students by 2018. Find out more about the School Bond issue at: http://www.wakegov.com/budget/bonds/2013/Pages/default.aspx


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