State of Morrisville address

State of Morrisville Address and Wake County Address

State of Morrisville 

Yesterday, morning, I attended the State of Morrisville address and also heard from Wake County Commission Chairman, Joe Bryan, on the exciting progress we are making in Wake County.    Also in attendance were Mark Stohlman, Liz Johnson, and candidiates TJ Cawley, Vicki Scroggins Johnson, and my opponent and friend, Pete Martin.

Mayor Holcombe laid out all of the achievements of the past year, including the approval of the budget, the investments we are making in street maintenance with CAMPO LAPP matches, and the fact that Morrisville is still one of the lowest tax rates in the County but still is the 5th largest tax base in the County, and also citizens get the most value our of their tax dollars.

We are also proud to be be recognized as  the best place to raise a family in North Carolina.   Aerocrine, Park West, and increasing development are adding to our tax base as well.    More companies are looking at locating in Morrisville, including a Fortune 50 company.

Other major achievements and goals, include the Morrisville Parkway Grade Separation, Blue Ribbon Transportation Task Force, Morrisville Carpenter Road project beginning soon, the Town Center design plans, and the NC 54 Corridor Study.    AAA bond rating!   2 staff positions added, and stormwater program is working well.

McCrimmon Small Area Transit Plan is also an exciting project as well, which our Council has approved. We are all looking forward to the RTP Park design and construction to begin this fall.

The State of Morrisville address can be found on my Council site, and also will be uploaded on the steverao site as well.

State of Wake County

Chairman Bryan began his address by stating that most towns would be envious of our healthy mix of commercial to residential, which he reminded us, enables us to keep our tax rate low, while at the same time providing high quality services to the Town.

Wake County is at 963,000 residents with a $982 million budget, and the growth keeps continuing, putting pressure on our school systems and infrastructure.

Education, Economic Development/Jobs, Public Safety, Behavorial Health, and New Infrastructure and Partnerships are the top goals of the Commissioners.

Wake County should be excited about the continued increase in job growth, particularily with Met Life announcment and the jobs we are bringing to Morrisville and western Wake County.

Joe Bryan said that his number one committment is education, and he and the Board, will stand by the education/school bond, which will increase county taxes by 5 cents, which polling indicates that 54 percent of the public wants at this time.

I was dissappointed in that the Chairman did not provide any direct guidance on whether he would support transit on the ballot, and did not provide any specifics on the Hotel Occupancy Tax.

Overall, a very informative session and well attended!

Pictured here with Vicki Scroggins- Johnson and Tony Chiotakis, interim manager.





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