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Asian Focus Summer Picnic

I attended the Asian Focus Summer Picnic yesterday afternoon.

Asian Focus is a Community Organization, comprised of Asian Americans across the state and region.

They are a wonderful organization, whose primary mission is to bring the Asian community together, to address issues, which affect them, along with also identifying economic opportunities to esablish partnerships with the Asian markets and countries.

During this event, I was able to speak to the audience, and discuss some of the vision I have for Morrisville and the region, to have more of an innovative approach on how we grow the Triangle to be a global hub of innovation, and also some of the International visits I have hosted this year from Ambassadors and other delegations.

Some of the attendees of the Picnic, had indicated a strong interest in the EB5 program, and stated that there was interest from India and Indonesia for strategic investment into North Carolina, especially with much of the growth in Asian American community is taking place in Cary, with today, over 49,000 in Wake County.  (compared to 12,000 in 2001)

This was a great time and I look forward to working more with this organization.

Pictured here with Lil Chan, President of Asian Focus, Frida Dawarman, Vice President and two other Asian Focus members.

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