Remembering 2014

My family and I wish each of you a very happy and prosperous 2015! Today, as we celebrate a wonderful year, I also want to take the time to remember wonderful human beings, who left the world a better place with their service to others and their remarkable spirit. Let Robin Williams be forever remembered […]

Rao family

Season’s Greetings

As Komal, Sonia, Rayan and I gather together to celebrate this Holiday Season, we hope for a few things. We hope you are also with your family and loved ones. We hope you have had a rewarding year personally and in your career. We hope to learn from and put to rest the challenges of […]

Steve Rao

Oct. 4 Office Hours

This week was a very productive office hours, with two very key meetings, which made me very excited. Airport Mall Project I met with the former owners of the mall, Govind and Pratik Chandak along with the new owners, who are excited to meet with staff, submit plans for the China Town.    They have […]

Steve Rao for Morrisville

Sept. 17 Office Hours

Last week, very productive office hours were held with members of the community. I met with Morrisville resident Samudra Vijay, founder of Sam IT Solutions, a local information technology firm,  who provided me ideas of how the Town should be looking at more hosted, cloud services for email, and also how to reduce investments in […]


Town of Morrisville Receives Anthemion Award for Pugh House Restoration

Congratulations to the Town of Morrisville, staff, and all involved as we the Town received the Anthemion Award for the historic preservation of the Pugh House by the Wake County Historic Preservation Society. Congratulations to all winners, and once again, this is a great day for Morrisville as we now have one more historic landmark […]