Both rail and the bus system are important “Sept. 07–MORRISVILLE — Town leaders have a wish list if Wake County voters approve a half-cent sales tax increase to fund more public transportation, and rail service is a top request. The sale tax vote won’t come until November 2016 at the earliest. There are four plans the county is considering at the moment, […]

Morrisville to Regulate Begging, Panhandling

Morrisville may soon require all panhandlers to have a reflective vest and town-issued permit after receiving a number of complaints about those asking for money on the side of the road. The Town Council will consider Tuesday, July 14, approving a new ordinance that makes it more difficult for people to ask for spare change. […]

With Sargent Dale Beatty

Sargent Dale Beatty: An American Superhero

All of us love the idea of superheroes, living among us, extraordinary individuals, who make us feel safe, secure, and who go out of their way to protect us every day. However, as we celebrate our American Independence on July 4th, I think it is important to remind our children, and ourselves that the greatest […]

Joe Biden pic

Remembering Beau Biden

In 2008, during one of his visits to the Triangle, I attended a rally for Vice President Joe Biden, and I was in a long line to shake his hand. When I got close to shake his hand, I said, “Beau Biden rocked at Wilmington Friends!” The Vice President’s face lit up, and he stopped, […]


Great Anti-Bullying Workshop Last Night

Last evening, I was honored to be one of the guests at the Mayors Against Bullyiing workshop, hosted by Mayor Dick Sears, who founded this organization. Numerous speakers, including Ken Prouix from Holly Springs Middle, Melissa Derosier, an expert on bullying and its effects on depression, Pastor Jamar Brown from Holly Springs United Church of […]

foxx and rao

Thank you Sec. Anthony Foxx

Thanks to my friend, former Charlotte Mayor and Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx for visiting us in North Carolina last week at NC State, where he highlighted the administration’s efforts in transportation and infrastructure. It just seems like yesterday when I visited in Charlotte to get his advice on whether to run for Council. Thank […]