My Womens Month Hero of the Week: Vice President Kamala Harris

Picture: Vice President Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris

This week I would like to recognize and honor the USA Today Women of the Year, Vice President Kamala Harris.   She also, was 2020 Time Person of the Year with President Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris is an everlasting reminder that there is no limit to our dreams if we work hard, and excel in our careers.   She is the ultimate trailblazer, as she broke a glass ceiling as not only the first woman Vice President but also the first Black and South Asian person to hold the office.    As a Prosecutor, California Attorney General, and United States Senator, Harris has demonstrated a long record of championing change and fighting for equity.

Most important. Harris’ ascension to the Vice Presidency is empowering for children growing up today regardless of their race, religion, or gender.

Now young girls growing up can dream of becoming the President, or congressman or a governor.  As the son of Indian immigrants, I could never imagine this day would come.   I am so proud as an American that it has come.

Thank you, Madame Vice President for breaking glass ceilings and for inspiring women in our nation and world for decades to come.

Steve's FaceBook Live Message - Womens History Month Kamala Harris

Steve’s Message – Womens History Month Kamala Harris

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