Steve Rao discussing issues with Morrisville Citizen.

Senior Citizens meeting at Bond Park

Yesterday, I met with the Senior Citizen  Group in Indian community at Bond Park to address a number of issues and there were over 60 residents from Morrisville there.

The main area of concern was infrastructure/road congestion  and the need for better bus service from Morrisville to other municipalities in Wake County.

I explained our discussion of a Transit Task Force in an effort to come up with new sources of funding for our road issues, along with the need for A Wake County transit plan, which would call for expanded bus service throughout the County.

Finally, I updated the community on our CIP Plan, and how we needed a Senior Center in Morrisville, for our residents, and growing retirement community.    There had been some interest in developing a Senior Retirement community from a developer and that this community would have a global focus.    Much interest on that topic as well.

Thanks for inviting me to speak at this event and I do look forward to continued disucssion with this community on these issues.


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