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Meeting with Sushil Koirala, Nepalese Prime Minister Candidiate

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting Sushil Koirala, the Nepalese Prime Minister Candidiate, with the Nepalese community leaders, at the home of Arun Dhittal, in Breckenridge.

This is a very informative meeting, where I learned about the instability of the Democracy in Nepal, and how the Maoist party, has prevented the formation of a stable government in Nepal.   Mr. Koirala, the Head of the Congress Party, has asked that we bring to the attention to our Congressional delegation, how important it is, that we ensure  free and fair elections this November in Nepal.

The most informative part of the meeting when we discussed trade opportunities between North Carolina and Nepal, particularily with the opportunities for US companies to leverage the abundance of natural resources, hydro electric power, and for exporting products to the consumer market and also providing infrastructure to Nepal, including roads and rail.

Next steps are to introduce Nepalese community to Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker,  and Governor Mccrory, as they have both indicated a greater emphasis on increasing export opportunities for North Carolina companies.

I will be attending a reception this afternoon at NC State, hosted by the Nepalese Center of North Carolina.

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