Steve Rao

July 23 Council Business Session

We had a productive Council meeting yesterday, beginning with a nice invocation from Steve Diehl.

Presentations included recognition for Stacy Wachtel for the 21st Comprehensive Annual Financial Award. Congrats to Stacy and she also congratulated her staff! Always, so proud of how hard our staff works.

Toastmasters Proclamation was issued and we were honored to hear from Dasharath Lohar, from Hindu Swamisevak Sangh,on the Dharmafest Yoga Day to be held on Sept. 29th in Morrisville. This will be a wonderful event to celebrate Yoga, and to educate the community through presentations, dance performances, lectures, and also celebrates the 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekenanda.

TJ Cawley and Vikki Scroggins Johnson presented on National Night Out, held on August 6th and will be at the Target Parking Lot. Schlink and Rao to be dunked!

The key issue of the evening was the vote to move forward with the Design phase of the Northwest Park, with staff reccomending a phased approach to build towards the Option D Model.

Although we have to now rebid the RTP Park estimates, we can still move forward as we will have enough money, and over $750,000 will be available for NW and Cedar Fork Park out of the Shiloh Green Capital Fund.

I strongly reccomeend a timeline to allocate funding for the NW Park, sooner than later, and as I discussed yesterday, we have listened to the citizens in this community, and this Park has been on the books for over eight years. Lets move forward with the design of NW and also the RTP Park.

Finally, we ended the evening with an exciting discussion on Hotel Occupancy Tax projects, with the staff reccomending the RTP Park expansion or the Public Private Sports venue. I prefer the RTP Park as we have already invested in the Park, and have developed a very unique brand for our Town with Cricket tournaments already being hosted in Morrisville. During Council comments, I thanked the TCL and all of the states who visited last weekend for the Under 13 tournament.

A productive evening and we ended early!

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