Steve Rao

July 11 Office Hours

My Thursday Office Hours were productive and interesting as always.

First, I met with Carlos Sanchez, Government Relations Specialist for AT &T, who assembled a team from his company to brief me on the League of Municipalities Cell Phone Ordinance, which provided guidelines to municipalities on Telecommunications Plans, affecting Cell phone coverage, and  the installation of Cell phone Towers.

Next step is to meet with staff to see how this affects our Master Plan, which we will be voting on in the next few weeks.

I also met with Karishma Desai, college graduate from NC State, who is interested in pursuing a career in public service or public relations.    She will be interning for me for a week, the week after next, shadowing some of my work, and I do hope to make some introductions for her to folks on Capitol Hill and also some local PR firms.    This younger generation really inspires me.

Finally, Allan Cassavant is very interested in moving forward on the property acquisition for the Senior Retirement Community so I look forward to hearing progress on this.

I look forward to meeting more developers next week, and will be looking forward to Office Hours next week.

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