Morrisville Councilman Steve Rao

Councilman Rao Week in Review for Nov 18- 22 week

Office Hours 

Tennis Academy-  I met with investors and  tennis coach from Florida, looking to establish a world class tennis academy in Morrisville.    We mety with Staff and there is strong interest for this to happen in Morrisville.    23 court facility, clay courts, indoor center, and boarding.    We may see if we can combine this wi the ice training facility/hotel tax project

Duke Net Communications-   I met with Duke Net to get an update on how they are working to increase cost effective, bandwidth for local governments.    I see these efforts promoting our technical infrastructure, and advancing our economic development efforts.    Introductions to staff will be made next week.

Berkshire walking path-  Met with a few residents, concerned about the walking path, in the Berkshires community.  Ben Hitchings and staff are working through what options the developer has to deal with this situation and see if the residents’s can have their concerns addressed.

Open Data/IT:  Ian Henshaw, from Tech Think Tank, met me to discuss how we can move forward with our own Open Data Initiaitve.    We are looking at Council adopting a resolution,  moving forward with a pilot, identifying data sets, and join the growing list of cities in Wake County, moving to Open Data Initiatives.

I also see an opportunity for us to establish an IT Advisory Committee or Task Force, comprised of IT leaders in Morrisville, to provide input on developing a strategic IT plan for the Town, along with exploring how we leverage innovative IT tools to enhance services to our citizens.

Triangle J Council of Government Meeting

As always, I enjoyed a productive Triangle J Meeting, and attended with Councilmember Margaret Broadwell.    Interesting discussions on Waste Reduction (cost savings), Regional Public Training Facility, Music in Mind Inititiative an update on Infrastructure and Partnerships, and the highlight of the evening, was honoring those outgoing delegates, including our very own Margaret Broadwell.     Thanks Margaret for your service and you have been a pleasure to work with.

Thanksgiving Appreciation Lunch 

Once again, it was a pleasure to attend the Thanksgiving Appreciation Lunch and this was Martha Wheelock';s first one.    Mayor Holcombe said a few words,  and congrats to all of the employees, who received their 5, 10 and 20 year service awards.     We are so appreciative of all your efforts and look forward to your continued service and excellence to the Town of Morrisville.

Wake County Democratic Women Lunch 

Attended the early part of the Wake County Democratic Women Lunch, and thanked them for their endorsement of my campaign and for all the work they do for the Party and for our commmunity.   I am honored to have friends like them!    Thank you!

I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving and really enjoyed a busy week!



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