Coffee and Connections at Morrisville Chamber

Yesterday, I stated off with attending the Morrisville Chamber Coffee and Connections, and it was very well attended.

We were able to introduce each other, and spent the hour, learning about a topic, near and dear to my heart, focusing on marketing and sales strategies for businesses.

During the session, we listened to Simon Sinek, a sales consultant, who reminded each of us that businesses and indivduals, need to be more focused on why they do what they do, before going to the hard sales pitch, of what they do or what they sell.

For example, examples were cited, ranging from Apple, to the Wright brothers, who were motivated by the impact they wanted to make on society rather than personal fame, or just selling product to make money.   Apple, for instance, prided itself on not just selling the best computers, but the entire experience of their product lines for the end user.

Finally,  each  of us needs to be attract individuals on our teams, who are motivated by the same cause, or are driven by the same values and goals, that we have.

Anyway, this was a wodnerful event and I am glad I attended and told everyone to call me if they needed anything in Morrisville.

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