Steve Rao

August 8 Office Hours

This week, office hours were quieter than normal but enjoyable as always.

Dipak Patel, a Morrisville resident, and founder of an education company, is interested in founding a charter school in Morrisville, focusing on science and math.    I am going to meet him in two weeks as he will be submitting a plan for me to review.

Sec June Atkinson:    I did call June Atkinson, who is open to having me host a State of the Schools address in Morrisville, focusing on how our schools compare to other schools around he nation and world, and also address in greater detail the Common Core Standards.

Jason Hare:   Final meeting was with Morrisville citizen, Jason Hare, who is working with me to organize our own Open Data Initiative in Morrisville.    I have some case studies I will be posting on the site, which will be for Council and staff to review to see the benefits the citizens and Towns can see with this initiative.

Next week, I hope to catch up with the two developers, interested in developing in the Town Center, one of them still pursuing the idea of a Senior Community in Morrisville.

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