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Alvin Kallacharin Youth Cricket Championships in Morrisville

I had the honor this am of kicking off the 13 and under Youth Cricket Champtionships, sponsored by the Triangle Cricket League and the United Cricket Association and honors one of the all time great World Cup Cricket Champions, Alvin Kallacharin, now a Morrisville resident.

We have three states represented from North Carolina, New Jersey, and California and we welcome these teams to North Carolina and to Morrisville.

I was honored to deliver the opening remarks and do the coin toss for the first game, with my historic Morrisville Coin.

My message to the parents and players, is that the TCL and the volunteers and league participants are changing the face of Morrisville, and are playing their part in developing a global, world class town for future generatons.

On the very fields, that we began this tournament, some of the last battles of the Civil War were fought at the Cedar Fork Park, and so we are always reminded of what opportunity we have to shape our future and play our part in making History.

Thanks to the Cricket Leagues of Morrisville, each of you, are playing your role, in shaping our history, and bringing excitement, and a wonderful sport for future citizens of Morrisville and the Triangle, to play, to watch, and to enjoy this global sport!

Pictured here tossing the coin!

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