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Remembering Beau Biden

In 2008, during one of his visits to the Triangle, I attended a rally for Vice President Joe Biden, and I was in a long line to shake his hand.

When I got close to shake his hand, I said, “Beau Biden rocked at Wilmington Friends!” The Vice President’s face lit up, and he stopped, and we spoke for few minutes on how one of my rivals as a state high school tennis Champion in Delaware was Wilmington Friends, the school where Beau and his brother, Hunter were top athletes and leaders in the Delaware community.

A few weeks later, I was invited to a private lunch with the Vice President, at the home of Erskine Bowles and this was an amazing opportunity to spend some time with Joe Biden, and I could just see firsthand how much he lit up when he talked about Beau Biden’s military service to the nation and as Delaware Attorney General.

During my three years in Delaware in the late eighties, it did not take me long to hear the tragedies that the Biden family had faced as many Delawareans spoke about how Joe Biden would come back every night from the US Senate to see his boys after his wife and daughter were killed in a tragic car accident. Joe Biden’s pride and joy were his boys, Beau and Hunter, and everyone, including me, was so proud of what a leader Beau Biden had become.

So when I heard of his passing, at such a young age of 46, I was very sad for the Vice President and his family. How much tragedy can this man and his family face?

Vice President Biden, I cannot even imagine your loss but the only thing I can say is that in 46 years, your son demonstrated more leadership, and a love for our nation, that most individuals can only dream of in this lifetime. You raised such a wonderful man and his legacy will live on, in his children and in your dedicated service to our nation as well.

Thank you for all you do, and may your son rest in peace.

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