India 321 Summit

On Saturday, Sept. 21, I had the honor of attending the India 321 Forum, hosted by India 321, a local non profit, whose primary mission is to bring together thought leaders to transform India into a developed nation.

Secretary Elaine Marshall delivered the opening remarks and had some very insightful remarks into how important India is to the world economy and how her continued growth and economic success is important to all of us.

Swadesh Chatterjee was honored for his years of service to India and the United States, and for all of his efforts to advance US Indian relations and his work on the Prime Minister’s Council.

I enjoyed the panel sessions, particularily from Indian minister Suresh Prabhu, who highlighted that Indian economic growth is slowing down, mainly due to government corruption, and that there is tremendous lack of investment in transportation and environmental infrastructure.

Indian has 300 days of sunshine so there solar and wind power pose great opportuntiies for India and I am also of the opinion, that there are great market opportunities for US energy and infrastructure companies.

I thank Manoj Pandya, Dr. Devapalli, Saachan Agarwal and all of the India 321 Board for a wonderful summit and program and also will continue to do what I can in Morrisville and the Triangle to see if we can establish partnerships in India, focusing on the Research Triangle Park and other sister cities in Indian where we can collaborate on innovation and investments that can help both nations.

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