Council Member Rao Speaks at Historic Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast

Council Member Steve S. Rao has been selected to deliver the Reconciliation Prayer at the Triangle Martin Luther King Interfaith Breakfast at the Sheraton Imperial today.

Under the leadership of Chairman of the MLK Committee, Rev. Dumas Harshaw, Rao was selected as an Indian American elected official and a practicing Hindu. Rao states, “I am humbled and honored to have been selected to honor Dr. King, and I commend Rev. Harshaw on our theme of peace and reconciliation not only in our nation but around the world.”

Council Member Rao also sees a connection between the lives of Gandhi and King. Rao’s grandfather, Dr. U. Rama Rau left the Parliament in India in the 1930’s to join the Gandhi Civil Disobedience Movement, and Dr. King often said his strategy of non-violent resistance was modeled on Gandhi’s successful approach. Council Member Rao commented, “These two leaders were superheroes, who changed the world.  I would like to see increasing collaboration between these two communities and look forward to great work in the future.”

Dr. King’s work was devoted to Civil Rights, but his message extended far beyond that, speaking to the dignity of all mankind. Rao’s inclusion in this ceremony demonstrates King’s universal scope and the relevancy of his message in the 21st century. The breakfast was held at the Sheraton Imperial in Durham, NC on Monday, January 19. This is the 35th anniversary of this event.


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